Living in Interesting times...

“But if they had learned anything together, it was that wisdom comes to us when it can no longer do any good.”: Love In The Time of Cholera, ~ Gabriel Garcia Márquez

“All men are deceived by the appearances of things, even Homer himself, who was the wisest man in Greece: for he was deceived by boys catching lice: they said to him, “What we have caught and what we have killed we have left behind, but what has escaped us we bring with us.”  ~ Heraclitus

Hello, I'm Mary

Welcome to my page, I have decided that quarantine time is a great benefit to writing. Included in this page is recent work and past work that is yearning to be seen. I hope you enjoy. Please leave a comment. 
I was  born in New York City, I wanted to be born in London but my mother made a quick get away to the U.S. Even as a little girl I longed for the orderly gardens of Surrey. New York was a great teacher though, and I thank her even now. She taught me to sort out the BS from the truth very young. It is a necessary skill to learn in NYC and elsewhere.
Since leaving on a country wide hijera at 21, I traveled out West landing finally in desert south west. For many years I lived there, mostly because of the heat and the proximity to Mexico, my first country love. At 52, I struck out for Alaska. It was on my list of must live places. I spent ten years there. It felt like a small century.
After years of freezing, I moved to Guam. My second love of a place. It is a country of its own.  As someone one said, “It has a thin candy shell of America but it is not America.” I was immensely comfortable with the heat, humidity and people from everywhere.
Now I live in the mainland or the lower 48. Back in the society of the West, in a tiny, mountain town. A town in which almost everyone who was born here, still lives here. I make a kind of peace with the place as I have always been fairly good at being present but not being from there.
This is what I want to describe. What it is like to observe, to be a part of and to be separate. This is particularly fascinating during this time. A time of crisis, ‘an interesting time,’ as the Chinese curse goes. Those folks know what they are talking about.