Trilogy: Inflammable

And now for something silly in the middle of the pandemic

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He would never have believed that it was possible, but evidently it was. He was sitting having a cuppa with her, a gorgeous brunette he had met online, when suddenly she burst into flames. Blue flames no less.

What had he said? As he sat, teacup poised in midair, awestruck by how stylish she looked surrounded by blue flames, he tried to recall what he had said moments before this event.

“Darlene, are you okay?” You look rather hot.”

Darlene smiled winningly, “Oh, the flames? So sorry. This can be rather awkward. I don’t mean to burn, it just happens.”

“What? Well I was a bit concerned that I had said something to upset you. Did I?”

“Oh no, it’s not you really. I have had this issue for years. I get a little excited and I burst into flame. This is a bit embarrassing but when I read your profile, you seemed perfect. Just exactly the kind of man I would want to marry.” The flames grew more intense with this remark. Malcolm stared, teacup sill in midair.

“Marry? Well, I have a bit of a confession. When I read your profile, I was impressed as well. I don’t know that I thought marriage immediately, but you certainly checked all the boxes.” Except the flaming thing he thought privately.

“Except the flames, right?”

Malcolm lowered the cup of tea. It was long cold. He peered at the beautiful flaming Darlene, wondering if she had read his mind.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to do that. It goes with the flaming thing. No really, it just comes naturally. I am part of a support group of exceptional people and there is a guy in the group, Charlie, who does the same thing. He tells me mind reading goes with the flames. It is really awkward. It has kind of inhibited my dating life.”

Malcolm leaned over, caregiver that he was, reached out his hand putting in on her burning one. The flames were not hot but simply beautiful.

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